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[New Toughies]
Dinner Fare
Push-Up Brims
Pig Latin Twisters
Wet Burrito
How Many?
Hard & Scary
Elastic Waistband
Everybody Penguin
Tom Cruz in Top Gun
Shannon Doherty's Twat
Facelift Party
Goat Cape
Fresh Sex Burn
Crying A Lot
Homeless Plants
All Day Suture
Who Died?
Kinky Spices
Cash Crop
Big Boats Pretty
Clint's Lucky Jumbo
Mystic & Fancy
Pick This One Idiot
Good Things
8 out of 10 (6)
Premium Malt Liquor
Traumatic Fish
Wasted Lines
Wet Streets
If you love Horse
Business Pants
Pine Scented
Mejor y Peor Vestidas
Hangers on my Lips
The Water turned Brown
Last Thursday Wet
Blind Ray
Al Loves a Lama
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Similar Pain
Girlfriend's Head
The Hard Ones
Great Choices VII
Fancy Al Melma
Soft & Cuddly
Frank's Art
Tree Nightgowns
Touch Fanchon Stinger
Breast Cancer Bingo
The Children's Bible
Everyone is Dead
Crambone Willy
Sets of Mint Balls
Overrated Wishes
Boring yet Many
Now it's Blue
Happy Peanuts
40 year olds
9 Inches of Grandpa
Yucky Places
Purple Gangrene
Dogs, Dogs, Tuna
Those Aren't Policeman Shoes
632 Items
Yellow Things
Penetration Bruises
Curly Hair Throat Cough
Hard to Swallow
Finally an End
Even Numbered
Prime Minister Vaginally
Gross and Sticky
A Tape
Handling the Big Ones
Taco Crazy
French Whore
2 Sides Blue
Filet Mig-10
Steak & Eggs
12 in a Row
Eat my Pain
Mandy's Cuckoos
Dog Paintings
Diet Fists
God's Tricks
Super Groovy
I Swallow
Bingo Winners
Hangover Homework
Nasty Little Midgets

Submit your own Tough Choice for a chance to become the Choice of the Week and win a FREE T-Shirt!

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